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The use of PROTECTRAIL’ website implies full acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Intellectual property

All trademarks and logos displayed on the website www.protectrail.eu are the property of PROTECTRAIL and protected by the intellectual property laws applied in France. They may not be used or copied in any way without prior and express permission from PROTECTRAIL, which reserves the right to prosecute any act infringing its intellectual property rights.

PROTECTRAIL provides links to third-party and external websites, for which it disclaims any responsibility. The insertion of these links does not in any way imply the approval of or an existing partnership with any of these sites. In no event shall PROTECTRAIL be held liable for the referencing of these sites on its website. The insertion, on external sites, of hyper links to PROTECTRAIL’ website is subject to prior and express permission from PROTECTRAIL.

PROTECTRAIL consequently assumes no liability for the content or the use of:

- Sites linked to from PROTECTRAIL’ website
- Sites containing a link to PROTECTRAIL’ website


It is the responsibility of all Internet users consulting PROTECTRAIL’ website to avoid infecting the site with viruses of any description.

PROTECTRAIL assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from access to or use of the site www.protectail.eu or the information contained on it.

Personal information

Personal information obtained via the discussion forum on PROTECTRAIL’ website may not be used for purposes other than to contribute to the proposed discussion topics.

A moderator may change or remove, prior to its being displayed on the discussion forum, any posting that is irrelevant to the topic addressed or that is unlawful.

Users have the right to access, change, correct or remove any of their personal information (as provided for by Article 34 of the French Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978). Users may ask for their comments on the discussion forum to be removed at any time by sending a message to webmaster@uic.org or by writing to UIC – Legal Department, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris.

Site access

PROTECTRAIL reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or change the site access hours without prior notice.

The hardware required to connect to the Internet, as well as any costs associated with consultation of the site, shall be borne exclusively by the Internet user.

Legal compliance

PROTECTRAIL’ website has been created and edited in compliance with the laws applied in France. In accessing this website, Internet users resident outside France shall ensure that they are in compliance with the locally-applicable legislation relating to the use and content of this website.


PROTECTRAIL assumes no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use, access or inability to access PROTECTRAIL’ website. Neither shall PROTECTRAIL be held liable for the risks related to the completeness, accuracy, suitability or topicality of the information.

The costs and expenses incurred by PROTECTRAIL due to any request resulting from the user’s breaching the present terms of use or in relation to the user’s site use shall be assumed exclusively by the user.

Other information

The website’s content management system software is SPIP.

The site www.protectail.eu is hosted on PROTECTRAIL’ server hardware.

Amendments to the terms and conditions of use

PROTECTRAIL reserves the right to amend the present terms and conditions of use without prior notice. It is users’ responsibility to consult the terms and conditions on a regular basis.



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International Union of Railways
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